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3 definitions by Shayo

A great movie director from Sweden who past two weeks ago (30th July). R.I.P.

He made movies like: The Seventh Seal, Fanny & Alexander, Autumn Sonata and The Silence.
Guy A: Did you know that Ingmar Bergman just died?
Guy B: Yeah, I saw it on the news. He was a great filmmaker.
by Shayo August 12, 2007
36 7
One of the best cities in the world. Located in Sweden.
Kalle: Karlstad rules.
Thomas: Of course!
by Shayo August 19, 2007
27 12
A very fun place! You can meet teachers and new friends and you can learn math! Very fun. But it's bad that you can't live in school.
Matt: School rocks!
John: Yeah, I totally agree.
by Shayo August 17, 2007
40 372