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Benighted are a sweet death metal band.
Mourning Affliction by Benighted owns!
by Elayor December 25, 2007
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1:overtaken by darkness or night.
2:existing in a state of intellectual, moral, or social
darkness : unenlightened.
Thus, Pinker points out that George W. Bush's benighted policy on stem cell research derives from an archaic conception of the Ghost in the Machine,the notion that "ensoulment" occurs when sperm meets egg, thereby presumably rendering each fertilized zygote a human being.
by Spero Daltas, F.A.A.R. December 01, 2005
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The inexplicable sense of peace which descends upon one in the wee hours of the morning.
I was benighted in a pause between beverages at 4am, one evening.
by Rachel Bridger-Dee January 13, 2006
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Benighted is one of the best death metal bands ever. Another great brutal metal band from France! Benighted's main influences include Cannibal Corpse and Marduk, their music has evolved through the years by combining different genres with brutal death metal - for example they have had (and always have) a punkish sound in it, other times black metal, and mainly grindcore. I myself put them under goregrind.
But labels dont matter a shit!, because they are FRIGGIN AWESOME!!!11!1

Benighted is:
* Julien Truchan - Vocals (1998-present)
* Olivier Gabriel - Guitar (1998-present)
* Liem N'Guyen - Guitar (and occasionally bass) (1998-present)
* Eric Lombard - Bass (2004-present)
* Kevin Foley - Drums (2006-present)

They have made 5 albums that are like hour long orgasms..

* Benighted (2000)
* Psychose (2002)
* Insane Cephalic Production (2003)
* Identisick (2006)
* Icon (2007)
You: U like Benighted?
Me: FUCK YEAH! The riffing in the end of Blind to the World made my ffing ears bleed! BR00TAL!!!! \,,/ LONG LIVE BENIGHTEDZ0RS!!
by Marius the Mefistofeles July 10, 2008
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