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super sexy bastard wit males and females following and gropeing him!
Liem ur a sexy beast im going to rape you<--goes both ways
by Kevin Taing October 12, 2004
Liem is a common Thai and Vietnamse name. It is also used in some Western countries as a first name, although usually spelt Liam. A boy with the name Liem is thought to be a well to do, polite, and generally good looking.
"He's fine, he must be a Liem."
by Urbanmale57 October 21, 2011
1. The act of making a deliberately false or deceptive statement perpetrated using Instant Messenger (IM). To Lie-M.

2. Of or pertaining to the use of the Instant Messenger (IM) status indicator to hide your true whereabouts, either intentionally or unintentionally, especially in an office cubicle setting.

Other uses:

-He's Lie-M'ing
-To Be Lie-M'd to.
With eager excitement I tried to IM some good news to my boss, but her status was set to "In a meeting". Dejected, I proceeded to leave a note on her desk. Much to my surprise, she was not in a meeting but sitting at her desk. It was at that moment I realized I had been Lie-M'd.
by JDubbery January 19, 2011
A Vietnamese first name usually given to males.
Liem let me borrow your anime, not your gay pr0n.
by DJB May 05, 2003
A common name for a viet/cambodian male who does engineering (mainly mechatronics). Usually describes the person as gay / creepy
Man... you know what you just did, you just did a liem.
dont be liem man!!!!!
Phew, you nearly did a liem
by Snlow October 23, 2011
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