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The name for Benedict Cumberbatch's booty - everyone wants the Cumberbooty
Olivia wants the Cumberbooty

Grace needs the Cumberbooty

Matt Smith wasn't discreet about his love for the Cumberbooty
by CumberCookie January 10, 2014
The name for Benedict Cumberbatch's booty - everybody wants some of the Cumberbooty
Olivia likes the Cumberbooty

Matt Smith didn't even make it discreet that he wanted the Cumberbooty
by a cumbercookie January 10, 2014
A booty that looks nasty in everyday clothes but looks fine in a suit/nice clothes. cummerbund+booty
That girl doesn't look good when she's in everyday clothes, but she's got a cumberbooty in that suit.
by Rondell May 11, 2004