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If one is said to be "Ben Hur" it implys that one is a man of small stature....yet a large amount of sexual appeal.
Thus one can never be....bigger than Ben Hur.
"Oh that Ben Hur...He's so hot right now!"
by Whilma Zan Zeykenstein January 30, 2006
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Ben Hur is a bus driver from Europe. He knows where to turn by pure intuition, and he always is right. He also drinks pure alcohol, and he also never pays parking tickets in Slovakia. He's German, and the name he uses for cover is Bernhardt.
He also has the power to fly on his motorcycle, reanimate dead bodies, and use the Force.
Stack: Ben Hur, how do you know when to turn?
Ben Hur: Um...Vat do you call it... ... patience.
Roman: Do you mean intuition?
Ben Hur: Ach ja intuition, zat is vat I meant.
by BENhurummm January 14, 2010
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