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A reference from Ben-Hur (1959), as the galley captain urged the slaves to row their fastest. When he did, the galley drummer increased tempo, and the soundtrack intensified.
It's time for get ready for school, kids. "Ramming speed!"
by mjconver January 21, 2010
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When something goes really freaking fast.
Let's go at ramming speed down the road.
by 5'11"racer October 08, 2006
A reference to a scene from the movie "Star Trek: First Contact" in which one ship intentionally and sacrificially collides with another, typically in a situation of last resort.
"Prepare for ramming speed!" — Worf
by bovineone December 06, 2009
Gay nautical exploration with men named "Speed"
Hey guys, I think we'll hit ramming speed tonight!
by Mike Anaka September 03, 2007

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