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A Blackened Death Metal Band from Austria. Named after the demon of sloth and vanity, many songs of theirs revolve around the topic of Satanism.
Belphegor are a pretty decent band.
by Anonymity1 November 09, 2011
A character from Katekyo Hitman Reborn anime/manga series. A member of the Vongola mafia family assassin organisation, Varia. Wears a tiara and calles himself a prince. Don't be fooled by his cute looks - prince Bel is actually a crazy and cruel killer. Also extremely smart. Weapon:knives.
Fangirl: Bel's so cute!
Belphegor: Shishishishi
by Tyssa3 June 05, 2013
1.The demon of the sin slough.
2.Demon with the coolest name.
3.A shitty death metal band.
Dude! i just saw Belphegor. Fuck Yes!
by Nick The Gach Sarengach January 04, 2009

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