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The best person ever. She can put a smile on your face when no one else can. She is the root of your happiness. She lightens up your life. She is amazing. Not only that, but she is so very beautiful. She is so amazing. She is just amazingly beautiful. Her smile is infectious. It warms your heart. You could stare into her eyes forever and you'd never get tired of it. She's also very cute. Most of all, she has the best personality anyone could have. She understands you when no one else does, and she's always there to help. She is your one and only love. She is meant for you.
Bel, she is just so amazing. Everything about her makes my heart skip a beat.
by James4 February 28, 2015
Physics Slang: 10 decibels
The intensity of the laser was reduced by a one-bel attenuator.
by Majinkajisan December 01, 2003
A sweet, sexy, caring, gorguss, mature, hot gal who is popular with all and has the tendancy to panic.
omg i really want to be bel
are you going to bel's?
lucky i want to
by belzaboopz June 13, 2010

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