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A male's equivalent of a food baby. When one has consumed so much food that his stomach becomes erect.
"Ughh, dude I've got a belly boner, I shouldn't have ate so much"
by Nipl Cobra November 03, 2011
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To have a intense craving for a certain type of food.
"I totally have a belly boner for some McDonalds right about now."
by NeroRenero December 17, 2009
A protrusion from the belly button caused by a hernia.
Alan brushed his belly boner against Andre as they passed on another in the bathroom doorway.
by Troy Mclure October 13, 2007
A shock site, hosted by the Meat Spin Network, that shows a man inserting a very large, long dildo into his anus. He proceeds to sit upright so that the dildo is seen pushing his stomach outward. Not extremely shocking, like other shock sites, but still strange.
"Wanna have sex?"

"Yeah! Only if you give me a bellyboner though!"
by descendants1111 October 31, 2011
belly boner is nsfw gif or vid of a man having sexual relations with substantially large dildo that he wedged between his mattress and box spring.As he proceeds to insert the dildo and go at it you notice that this dildo is in fact so large that it pokes through his stomach and shows a slight indentation in his belly hence the name belly boner.
surely you jest my good man mo mere mortal could take that size of a penis and not end up like mr.hands dead of a perforated my good man smple google belly boner and bare witness to this oddity
by mr.handsthedestroyerofeyes June 08, 2012
when your beer belly touches someone without you meaning for it to.
yo girl, you feel that belly boner?

by TEENMAYOR September 13, 2011

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