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verb: To cut the sleeves of a garment, with complete disregard to evenness, uniformity or style.
Dan likes to see his watch when he jogs, so he will Belichick his sweatshirts.
by DanthePatsfan January 17, 2008
1) To cheat.
2) To run up the score
Man, it was a recreational league but the team we went up against were almost pro. They belichicked us big time.
by carpdeus October 31, 2007
When you misinterpret a rule.
I'm sorry principal, i didn't know i wasn't supposed to do that, i belichicked the rule.
by mr. cheescake April 13, 2008
Evil in its most concentrated form. Exists only in the ninth circle of Hell.
They say only those who are guilty of treachery against God and taping other teams' signals embody true Belichick.
by Irvin Muchacho May 22, 2008
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