A muti-purpose noun/verb used to describe both positive and negative aspects of the life of a true waste.
I'm trying to get Belangied tonight, how about you?

Dude I Belangied her for about 3 hours last night!

I was so Belangied last night that I Belangied all over the bathroom, sorry man.

I caught road Belangies from this slut on the way over here.

Let's go over to the freshman dorms and try to catch a late night Belangie.

That girl over there is a good ten pounds over weight, but I would still Belangie her.

She's no prize but if I was really Belangied I would probably Belangie her.

After she was done giving me a Belangie I gave her a sweet Belang shot.
by R. Cliffton Belangies December 03, 2006
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