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to place onself in a hazy state of mind, much like the air condition in Beijing as demonstrated during the 2008 Summer Olympic games
Baxter: yo man, what do you want to do tonight?

Tristan: i don't know, had a rough weekend, thinking of chilling out and getting beijinged tonight.

Baxter: good idea man, i will bring the greens around 8.
#hazy #beijing #stoned #chill #relaxed
by taylork August 11, 2008
verb. to beijing
The act of shitting oneself while on a date with a woman.
Accidentally shitting on a woman.
Person 1: How'd your date go last night?
Person 2: Not good. I beijinged her.
#beijing #beijinging #shit #poop #accident
by Mao the Chairman June 20, 2011
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