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3 definitions by taylork

to place onself in a hazy state of mind, much like the air condition in Beijing as demonstrated during the 2008 Summer Olympic games
Baxter: yo man, what do you want to do tonight?

Tristan: i don't know, had a rough weekend, thinking of chilling out and getting beijinged tonight.

Baxter: good idea man, i will bring the greens around 8.
by taylork August 11, 2008
The act of supporting your fellow brosephuses in the art of the picking up.
Hey Brett, the way you quarintined that girl today was bad teamsmanship for the rest of us. We were stuck answer questions about your faithfulness.
by Taylork April 20, 2008
adj. one who is predisposed to be photogenic. a person of either gender who through superior breeding has well defined cheek bones, reassuring eyes, and other sought after physical features.
Bill: Look at Fred over there taking his pic with all those girls, man I hate that guy.

Ted: Yeah, have you seen his rents, no wonder he pulls so much ass.

Bill: Sucks to be photogenetic, huh?
by taylork October 13, 2008