A sweet, nice, huggable cleric of <3
Hi beibhinn!
by elfoxo October 14, 2003
Top Definition
A drunken irish woman with hugemongous breasts.
Look at that Beibhinn!
by Grkn October 06, 2003
A short, pretty, cool, Irish girl. She's funny and very outgoing. She is loyal to her friends and isn't afraid to stand up for what she believes in. When she gives signals to a guy, she makes them not very obvious. She makes friends with evreyone and she loves everyone. She's a great person to count on and you can come to her with any problem. She loves sports and has a lot of guy friends. She likes to cuddle and have someone who will care about her.
Many your so lucky that you have Beibhinn.
by Surfer Chick15201 December 16, 2013
A mean, scary, drunk, angry, horny irish woman
Beibhinn ate my cat
by fox June 12, 2003
Sexy Cleric of Hugs
Beibhinn <3 Tallguy
by Tallguy September 15, 2003
Teh segsist womans of dem all!
Check out that beibhinn!
by <3 from Trend/Olpol. June 05, 2004
The act of recommending for deletion all of ghale's definitions.
I beibhinned all of ghale's definitions!
by tehwin June 12, 2003
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