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a beastly animal which is abnormally large.
look at that girl shes a behemoth
by Urban Dictionary February 07, 2005
Behemoth is an Extreme Death Metal band that comes from Poland. They play some of the heaviest and harshest music ever heard by human ears. Their lyrics are also quite insane.
Behemoth has a guitar player named Nergal who is one of the most skilled artists in Metal.
by Cannibalistic Bastard March 23, 2005
Behemoth something very large or of great size and strength. Behemoth is commonly associated with a very large and powerful creature.
In the book of Job Chapter 40 of the bible God refers to the Behemoth as a great creature of the land with unsurpassed strength and size.
by Kevin Monroe February 08, 2004
A ginormous beast of a girl
OMG WTF!! Look at that behemoth she weighs 500 kg
by Chris// March 21, 2006
Star Jones is one.
Star jones is a behemoth of a woman.
by Ayi Delisi January 18, 2005
meaning something that is huge in size. The word Behemoth however came from the islamic arab myth, bahamut, a gigantic fish-like creature.
i have a pet bahamut in my fishtank
by ikubaru June 07, 2005
An individual who is picked on mercilessly by his so called friends. Often four times the size of the average overweight individual, but always believes everything they hear on fox news. Daily diet consists of small woodland animals, large woodland animals, small woodlands, large woodlands, small and large city folk, small and large cities, small and large countries, entire planets, solar systems, galaxies, black holes, time and space itself and the unknown that lies beyond it. Has his very own gravitational pull. Usually doesn't swim as civilizations mistaking his body for new lands undiscovered will often settle on him.
Parent: "All five of my daughters were raped and murdered, cut into small pieces and fed to wolves!"

Behemoth: "yeah, but everything happens for a reason. A flower probably blossomed from the brutal raping and murder of your daughters."
by Damien marley cootenburry August 23, 2010