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Heavy anal flow resulting from excessive alcohol consumption often accompanied with severe pains
Christ, I have got some serious beeriod pains right now.

I neet to go and have my beeriod...
by goosewing April 05, 2006
A beeriod is the passing of an awkward, uncomfortable and sometimes painful poo which occurs the day after a nights or days drinking!

This can happen all at once, or happens throughout the day, where one is said to be on their beeriod. It has many nicknames such as "having a black baby" or "burning the whole off myself"

It has many side affects such as:
Saying, "Hot, Hot, Hot"
Being irritable
Stomach cramps
Increase in waist size
Very smelly shits
And being fidgety

Guinness one of the leading factors of a beeriod, is so heavy that beeriod symptoms happen almost immediately! Since the smoking ban in Ireland, this has proved quite a difficult problem as pubs are becoming more potent in the flavour of beeriodosity, a gas more dangerous than tobacco!
Example 1:
Guy #1: Hey where are you going?
Guy #2: Oh man I gotta take a beeriod.
Guy #1: Oh fuck, I am staying well away from that toilet!
(20 minutes later)
Guy #3: Jesus Christ, who just had their Beeriod?!

Example 2:
Girl: Ugh, what is that smell?
Guy: Sorry babe, I'm on my beeriod.
by Kevin and Kielty October 26, 2010
The runny, really smelly shit you take after a hard night's boozing.
"Oh man, I just took the worse dump. I think I'm on my beeriod."
by Damo the Lamo March 06, 2008
A man's time of the month. It occurs during the man's wife/girlfriend's period, when the man needs to constantly drink beer to cope with significant other's PMS.
Man 1: I'll have another pint of Pliny the Elder

Man 2: This is your fifth pint; don't you think you've had enough.

Man 1: Usually, but it's my wife's time of the month, so I'm on my Beeriod

Man 2: Oh shit! This one's on the house man!
by Fegelfatso April 11, 2014
A period of time when men drink beer.
Girl: I'm in a bad mood ... I'm on my period

Guy: too bad for you I'm happy I'm on my beeriod.
by Beeriod September 22, 2014
When two or more bro's at a party sync up going to the keg to refill their beer throughout the night. It's the same affect women have when they hang out for a long period of time and their monthly visit from Aunt Flo syncs up.
Neil: bro, you need another beer again too?

Me: yea, dude. Looks like we synced up our beeriod. (High five)
by Digger4 November 28, 2013
the laying down of the big crap after a night of drinking.
guy wakes up in the morning after a night out.

then says, "dude, im just gunna for my beeriod"
by mcflange April 17, 2009
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