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Oral sex from a girl who has had too many beers, and is drunk off her ass. If she has had way too many beers, or is just not able to control herself, she will puke foam all over the place.
" Yo I thought it was gonna be a great night, but all I got was beer head. Shit was disgusting. Then she spewed. Gross"
by M C's October 25, 2009
A dude who's just fuckin' druunk all the time. Does drunk jocks things and looks stupid.
Yo that dude is such a beerhead, he drank a six pack for breakfast and is doing kegstands for lunch. Now he's trying to half-cab over that little kid. Fuckin' druuuunk!
by DibblyWibbly October 27, 2005
Hold a beer bottle out horizontally down where ur package is, then have a girl (or guy if ur into that) get down on their knees. Then open the bottle and have them drink it. It will resemble the act of giving head. Hence the name "Beer head." I guess you could shake it up first and try to get it to spray all over them if you wanted. The possiblities are endless. enjoy!
"who wants to give me beer head?"
"haha yeah dude that was awsome, she gave you beer head"
by William Hardmaster January 18, 2006
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