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v/n :

A slang way of saying "Birthday"
Also, "Happy Beer day"
A word originated from the Philippines. (Since there's no definition yet.)
Mark: Hey dude! Isn't it your beer day today?!
Allan: Hell yeah! c'mon!
Mark: kl! But we still have our final exams tomorrow, right?
Allan: Meh! It's only physics, it's gonna be EZ!
Mark: ayt! Let's get it on!
by May 26, 2009
The best day of the week(formerly know as Friday) where you can officially grab a brew at any hour and start your weekend.The day of the week EVERYONE looks forward to.
Collin;"Oh Yeaaaa Beerday,yeaaaa!"

Brad; "TGIB!!!"

Angelina;"You guys fill me in,What's TGIB?"

by hnklio October 29, 2010

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