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An exclamation of joy or description of great quality.

On International Beer Day the word "Beertastic" may be substituted for virtually any positive adjective.
"This meal is positively Beertastic!"


Guy 1: "Dude, it's raining beer outside!"
Guy 2: "Beertastic!"
by skyscotty July 09, 2009
Buying a stranger a beer, in the hopes that they in turn will buy a buy another stranger a beer (rather than paying you back). Commonly practiced on International Beer Day.
It's like Pay it Forward, but with beer:

"Don't pay me back, Beer it Forward."
by skyscotty July 09, 2009
Brainstorming while drinking beer.
Beerstorming is believed to be responsible for the creation of: the light bulb, written language, International Beer Day, most 16th-19th century classical music, and the wheel.
by skyscotty July 09, 2009
An August 5th holiday celebrating the glory of Beer. Festivities include: copious beer drinking, double fisting, hooking up, and use of the word "beertastic"
Guy 1: I just called in sick for International Beer Day, let's hit the pub.
Guy 2: Beertastic!
by skyscotty July 09, 2009

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