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An acronym for " Gang Bang Day", GBD is a term used to describe a busy or full day where there is one thing right after another, nonstop.
Person1: Man, I had the busiest day: I worked a full shift, went bike riding right after work, then had just enough time to shower quickly and catch a movie with friends all before getting a late dinner.

Person2: Wow, sounds like a GBD to me.
by mattfasl August 18, 2009
Good but Dull
"She's gbd"
"This tune is seriously gbd"

"How was last night?" "G B D"
by muirwm November 15, 2009
General body discomfort experienced during the come-up period during the onset of psychedelic mushrooms. This unbearable sensation normally lasts for the first 45 minutes to an hour.
Man this GBD is fucking horrible!
by MattNwsu December 06, 2009
Phrase meant to inspire young men. Stands for, "Go balls deep!"
- "Yeah, I have an exam tonight." "GBD, dude!"

- "I met this honey on the dance floor, what should I do?" "GBD! GBD!"
by Willm February 12, 2004
A gay biker dad.
Kevin's dad has a mustache and a motorcycle, he sure is one awesome GBD!
by Kirkus the Great December 07, 2008
abbreviation for "giant black dildo" derived apparently in a high school physics class.
"you know what that huge black snake reminds me of... a gbd."
by dionyses October 22, 2005
Generic Black/Brown/Blonde Dog
friend1: Look at the cute retriever over there
friend2: Whatever, that's just a GBD.
by vomitfrog June 05, 2009
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