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Beegleing is the act of fapping in public. Much like planking, it has become an international sensation. People often get together in groups to Beegle and take photographs.

Their are 7 basic rules to Beegleing.

1. Sweatpants are required while beegleing.

2. If this is your first night at Beegle Club, then you have to Beegle.

3. Chat Roulette DOES NOT count as beegleing.

4. Extra points for beegleing on the bus, or lightrail, or at school, or work.

5. You must cum in your pants or on someone else's shirt to successfully beegle.

6. If no one is around, it IS NOT beegleing, even if it is in a public place.

7. After successfully Beegleing, you must yell "Beegle!" or "Beegled!"
I was beegleing on the bus, when the kid next to me totally caught me, and then I was like 'BEEGLED!
by mattross July 15, 2011
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