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A man who is not fat, but he is not muscular either. They are pretty strong though.
Jeff was on a mission to become muscular now he is at the beefy stage.
by HappyGirl1993 August 11, 2011
42 47
You use "beefy" when you refer to muscular guys having notable sexual attraction, such as six-pack abs or big arms. This may be gay people's definition.
Look at him! He is so beefy!
by Brixdaly March 05, 2006
230 115
looking and/or being as hot and jacked as jacobobitch
GIRL 1: OMG that boy is so beefy
GIRL 2: I know he looks just like jacobobitch
by jacobobitch March 20, 2009
131 90
A pairs of house shoes worn outside. They get there name because someones always starting beef or fighting
Youve see Friday the movie remember d boes shoes, does are beefies
by Keenan Cook March 30, 2007
8 7
A local hero, found in the pub
Who's that? He seems nice,

That's Beefy
by maryjoelene November 25, 2012
19 21
Thick, not at all slim. Chunky style.
Betty used to be so trim in high school, but after she went to college she got all beefy and chunkified.
by Oprah February 21, 2003
84 96
to describe something amazingly awesome.
Guy1: Hey man! I just totally pimped my car.
Guy2: Awww hell yeah! That is well beefy!
by JohndomRaawrs May 01, 2011
12 26