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An incredibly hot girl, usually one wearing spandex shorts.
"Oh man, look at that beefsteak!"
"Damn, thats some hot beefsteak!"
"Who knew there was beefsteak at track meets!"
by Light555 January 12, 2010
A bro fest. When a bunch of guys "bro-out" or "hang with the bros and chill." There is no vagina invited. If so, the gathering is no longer a "beefsteak."
1)Ben: "What a beefsteak we are currently enjoying at the office, eh Alex?"
Alex: "Yes Ben, I couldn't agree more."
Jack: "Next time I want to bring my mom to chill with us."
Ben: "No Jack, then it wouldn't be a beefsteak.

2) Ben, Frank, Rafy, and James went to play minigolf. It was a beefsteak for the ages.
by Lets Go Mets July 27, 2009
A term for an incredibly hot man, used usually by gays, fags and homosexuals in general.
"I'd love to shove that beefsteak down my pants, if you know what I mean"
by JamminJarrel October 14, 2008