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A queef that's sloppy like beef gravy.
She let our a juicy beef queef.
by Jamie&Ashley February 11, 2003
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when air instead of seamen is expelled through the penis creating a farting sound and an odor.
Drews beef queef was so loud and smelly the gypsy family next door moved out.
by handsomedom April 18, 2011
When a guy sharts into a womans cooter and she queefs it out as hard as she can.
"Ohhh that bob and Michelle sure do love to beefqueef! You'd think they had their own poop porn propaganda they do it so much."
by Cheltz February 04, 2010
1. A queef performed by a bovine cow.
2. A penile queef.
3. A normal female queef with an appetizing smell, such as that of roast beef.
1. We was out cow tippin', and one of them heifers pulled a beef-queef in Hershell's face!.
2. After my surgery, I was somehow able to beef-queef at will.
3. I thought it was lunch time, but it was just Theodore's sister's beef-queef.
by Walenski July 10, 2008
A physically imposing man who is completely inefficacious.
Tyrone hard? Shit. Tyrone ain't hard. I seen that nigga fight. That nigga's beef queef.
by Anonymous May 19, 2003

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