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Hair messed up and untidy after sleep
"Bed head was a popular hair style in the late 90's."
"It's not a cowlick, it's the result of bed head."
by Breseis April 08, 2006
-when u have been laying in bed or sleeping for a long time, and when u get up, your hair is a mess, out of place and needs to be washed/combed...
-messy hair
1: I got bedhead...look at me, im a mess...i need to comb my hair
by blthrskt October 26, 2005
A hairstyle that people spend almost an hour to make with gel and hairspray, to make it look like they did nothing with it when they woke up in the morning.
Jake: Wow, nice bed head. Didn't you bother to comb your hair today when you woke up?

Josh: I did!

Jake: ...but then you made it like that...right?


Jake: Wow...Edgy.
by 2009ends August 24, 2009
Receiving oral sex early in the morning, mostly after waking up. Could be what woke you up.
"Hey man, what'd you do Saturday?"
"Nothing much, just got some bed head from Samantha"
by San-Wuan Pako April 08, 2016
Hair style the morning after being bonked like crazy!
Wow! Emma, you got some serious bed head going on!
by Emma112 April 26, 2006
When after a long drinking binge, you miscalculate the distance between yourself and the headboard, and flop backwards only catch enough headboard to crack the back of your skull. Thanks to the alcohol or drugs involved in this faux pas, most sufferers only feel the true effects of bedhead when they awake to a large awkward lump on the back of their head.
A common reaction of the bedheadee is to pick up the phone and bitch at whomever they were out with the previous night for allowing them to get their asses kicked. While it's a sadly mistaken first notion, the victims of bedhead are, of course, not thinking clearly.
"That guy obviously pulled a bedhead. Check out that lump! AHA!"
by Yeah...I went there. And what? February 02, 2009
When your too tired to get up, you have your wife bring it to you in bed. For example, breakfast in bed, only much more awesome to wake up to.
Dude, this morning, i just woke up and found Mary giving me bed head!
by browntrousers February 21, 2009
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