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Engaging in chicanery to swindle, defraud or embezzle funds, food or other commodities for personal or group gain by abusing one's position of public trust within a school, college, organization or government.
Chap 1: Hey Blumpie, I just beckwith'd a ton of billz from the Student Activities fund. Let's go buy some steak, shrimp and rolling rook and grill in the quad.
Chap 2: Good for you ole boy. Let's run the Student Government into the ground.
by DarkArts.jpg March 22, 2013
The surname of a man with a really nice booty and chiseled abs. He is also generally a social person with closet erotic tendencies that often include the use of chocolate sauce and whipped cream. He enjoys long phone conversations, motorcycles, and strip basketball
Did hear the crazy stuff that crazy guy did? He is such a Beckwith!
by Hilll December 17, 2007
to vomit or "frow" up
Jane: "ahhhh ima beckwith"
Briana: "thats nasty dont get my shoes"
by AWESOME LADY March 25, 2009

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