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The drops of precious alchohol present on the black and white tiled kitchen floor that are as a result of the crack in a pink plastic shot glass that became chipped when somebody dropped it...
"Careful - don't tread on that Beccy"
"Eeeew, my socks have got Beccy all over them"
"That Beccy's made me wet"
by attentive_nonchalent April 11, 2005
30 39
usually a spiteful judgmental person who cant keep their yoga pants on...this was used back in the 1800's of course when there was an abundance of girls named Beccy, whom always ended up blowing drummers and skinny woodchoppers while talking behind their friends backs.
DUDE that chick is such a freakin Beccy!
by righteous monkey October 16, 2011
11 14