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A truck driven mostly by thugs. Should be rollin on 20s+. One of the best out there and should be limited to a select few.
O snap, u got an Expedition?

Yeah its gangster!
by SnoopDogg February 02, 2003
Rims that spin when you stop
bling bling
by SnoopDogg February 02, 2003
the hottest, finest and most desirable creature ever known to man.... a girl that nate loves very much
damn bec ur one fine chick i wish i was nate so you could love me as much as u love him.
by snoopdogg April 04, 2005
A powerful truck which scares ricers of off the roadway.
My chevy broke!
Well I guess I will have to use my F150 to tow it out!
by SnoopDogg February 02, 2003
A 4wd truck that will go anywhere.
Jeep Wrangler
by SnoopDogg February 02, 2003
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