Funniest show ever aired on MTV. their ratings were killed when those corporate fuckers took it of the air. they still show reruns on MTV.
I need tp for my bunghole.
by countrygirl January 01, 2005
The greatest show on Earth, and possibly the galaxy, in which two teenagers set off on a journey to try to get laid, or possibly make some money off Mr. Anderson, and in-between, they may eat nachos, listen to music, or other cool things like that.
Beavis: (heehee hee) hey Butthead (hee he) let's go masturbate in Anderson's trailer
Butthead: (huuh huh) awesome!
Beavis and Butthead: Breakin' the law! Breakin' the law!
by Jason A. Smith August 03, 2007
An awesome show and movie
Butthead: huh-huh u said..
Pilot: GET OUT!!

here is another

Beavis: Hey butthead. this book totally kicks ass, this one dude puts a leaf on this chicks schwong
Butthead: huh-huh cool
by Beavis and butthead fat June 10, 2003
Funniest two cartoon guys ever. Piece of shit MTV took them off the air! At least we still have JACKASS. MTV sucks.
Beavis: "I am Corh-holio! My BUNGHOLE it goes.....rah! da da daaaaa!
Beavis: "Do you have pee pee? My bunghole will not wait! Bung-holiooooooooo!"
Butt-head: "Cut it out butt munch! uh huhuhuh..."
by Your name May 25, 2003
beavis and butthead are the best cartoons ever and MTV can suck a nut the stupid sadistic basterd hoe faggit wanking badunka dunk's
beavis and butthead are cool
by rhcpgod July 31, 2003
Beavis: Someone with a large, portruding head who tends to chuckle a lot. Usually the bait of inane antics.
Butthead: someone with braces, a large head and a half-assed way to coming up with and executing plans.
Come on, Beavis, all you have to do is run really fast when you hit the ground.
by bitterpartyofone March 22, 2004
The Most Funnyest cartoon ever made! those damn mtv guys had to take it off tha air those arse holes! but dam beavis and butthead are funny i laugh at every episode!!
(beavis and butthead are taking a tour at the hoover dam) Beavis: (raises hand ) umm is this a god dam? (heh heh heh)
by ¢¼Tommy Lee¢¼ March 02, 2006

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