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Beavis: Someone with a large, portruding head who tends to chuckle a lot. Usually the bait of inane antics.
Butthead: someone with braces, a large head and a half-assed way to coming up with and executing plans.
Come on, Beavis, all you have to do is run really fast when you hit the ground.
by bitterpartyofone March 22, 2004
1.Self-proclaimed "Live Music Capital Of The World" when in actuality it's a bunch of Stevie Ray Vaughn wannabes.
2.Where the patchouli industry thrives.
3.Really stupid voters who choose to vote against public transportation and in favor of more useless highways that the city's traffic will outgrow by the time it gets done being built.
Austin, TX has a traffic problem the size of the Texas.
by bitterpartyofone March 22, 2004

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