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A person (male or female) who intentionally or unintentionally stops a woman from hooking up with a girl.

Or an event or circumstance that keeps a woman from hooking up, having sex, getting some action.

Pertains primarily to lesbians, but also works for a woman who wants to hook up with a man.
I was planning on hooking up with Marcy last night but my mother dropped by and totally beaver damned me.


Suzy is making the move on her ex-girl Lisa. Let's go beaver damn her so she doesn't do something she'll regret later.
by teffie-phd April 29, 2010
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It's the female equivalent of "cock blocking" or getting in the way of a possible romantic connection for a female.
He totally beaver damned me when I was talking to that really hot guy at the bar, I didn't get his number or anything after that!
by carebear13 April 06, 2010
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