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The act of tapping your feet subconsciously to the beat of music.
When Jim walked into the club he immediately got BEAT FEET.
by gryphon84 June 10, 2009
22 128
To leave a particular area on foot, esp. at a high rate of speed (e.g. running). This is usually done in anticipation of an unfavorable confrontation or undesirable characteristics of the area.

Most often used in the context of escaping from a particular situation. Named because of the motion and sound produced during the process, i.e. beating one's feet against the pavement.
My bitter ex-girlfriend showed up at the party I was at, so Jeff gave me a heads up and I beat feet.

There were a lot of graffiti and gang members on High Street, so Fred and I beat feet.
by SnarkyNinja June 01, 2009
267 56
Having particularly ugly, old, or worn out footwear.
"Ayo Justin you got some beat feet!"

"Man forget you!"
by GruntmasterDOOM June 15, 2009
13 109
To leave a selected area.
"Yo there's a a lot of penis at this party, it's time to beat feet"
by AK-88 July 25, 2006
2121 6205