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To leave a particular area on foot, esp. at a high rate of speed (e.g. running). This is usually done in anticipation of an unfavorable confrontation or undesirable characteristics of the area.

Most often used in the context of escaping from a particular situation. Named because of the motion and sound produced during the process, i.e. beating one's feet against the pavement.
My bitter ex-girlfriend showed up at the party I was at, so Jeff gave me a heads up and I beat feet.

There were a lot of graffiti and gang members on High Street, so Fred and I beat feet.
by SnarkyNinja June 01, 2009
Any song or otherwise musical phrase that is sung by or in the typical style of music popular with African Americans, i.e. hip-hop, rap, etc.

It often includes sentiments derogatory towards white males, women, and other minorities. Other common themes include the accruing of money, the partaking in illegal substances such as cocaine or heroin, and exaggerated claims as to the quality of the singer's vehicle or house.
Examples of nigger noise include anything sung by Soulja Boy.
by SnarkyNinja May 20, 2009
To rapidly slow down or stop a moving vehicle by mashing down the brake pedal. So named because of the tires skidding when done in a car without anti-lock brakes.

Can also be used in a metaphorical sense, in which it means to halt whatever action or process is currently occurring.
The police were waiting with a speed trap around the bend, so I hit the skids.
by SnarkyNinja June 02, 2009
To smoke weed right before going to bed. Often results in pleasant dreams and an enjoyable rest, followed by an easy wake-up the next morning.

Sometimes coupled with a wake and bake.
Dude, I'm pretty tired. Wanna do a steam and dream, and work on this song tomorrow?
by SnarkyNinja May 27, 2009
Marijuana, esp. when used in order to make a long car ride or monotonous lengthy task more interesting or bearable.
I've only got 1.5 G's left. To get all the way to Dallas, we're gonna need more of that green gasoline.
by SnarkyNinja May 20, 2009
Noun. A supply of cash kept in reserve on a date or other outing, to be used in the event that you need to end the date with haste and have unmet financial obligations.

There can be many circumstances necessitating a speedy exit, such as a medical emergency or a forgotten prior commitment, but the primary use of dash cash is to escape from a blind date in which the other party has misrepresented himself or herself in an unforgivable way.
"I had a date with a girl that I met on OK Cupid. She was witty, funny, and her pictures (full body) showed that she was attractive and had pleasing proportions.

When we met, she was EASILY 100 lbs heavier. I poker faced it for two drinks, and then said "yea, that Halloween party your pictures were from looked pretty awesome."

Her reply? "Oh yea, that was 11th grade!!! What a crazy night!"

I told her that it was unfair to misrepresent one's self like that with pictures that were 7-8 years old, dropped {dash cash} on the bar and split."
by SnarkyNinja September 01, 2012
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