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When you take a Milwaukee's Best aka A BEAST and hide it somewhere for one of your bros to find. When they do they just got BEASTED.

Kinda like icing, but not gay.

That's it. No rules, just beasting.
Bro #1: Dude, I totally just found this warm Milwaukee's Best in my drawer while I was looking for a condom to rail this fat ugly chick with herpes.

Bro #2: BEASTED!

Bro #1: Beasting saved my life.
by BeastingBoys October 12, 2010
Using numerology to prove that the names of dictators, politicians, or wealthy people are each associated with 666, the number of the beast.
Using a simple code like A = 105, B = 106, C = 107, …, Z = 130, beasting the late dictator SADDAM is a no-brainer: 123 + 105 + 108 + 108 + 105 + 117 = 666—a "proof" that Saddam was acting like a beast during his tyrannical reign.
by MathPlus August 16, 2016
The act of tearing shit up, aggressive action, to go through something effortlessly.
Nigga, you see that ass over there? I was Beasting that pussy last night.
by Beast Wilkinson May 14, 2012
To become a beast is: become real good at something i.e. video games, the guitar, football game become ferocious and belligerent and to engage in actions of violence or disrespect.

'Beasting' or 'beasting it' is to engage in actions which demonstrate any of the two before stated definitions.
1. Dang, i was playing Halo with that cat and he started beasting it like a mother fucker. He killed everybody, dawg!

2.yo, cuz, when he fount out his girl was doin that mofo down the street, he started beasting it on them people walking by.
by Easter E June 23, 2008
In order to beast, one gathers together one's friends and ventures to the nearest park or nature preserve. Upon arrival, one gallivants about the woods in search of all manner of beasts. Don't get too complacent, however; many such beasts will not take kindly to your intrusions, and may lash out when cornered. Thus the wary beaster always has an air of caution while beasting, lest he find himself the prey rather than the predator.
Hey Jake, want to go beasting with Gary on Friday night? He's the head of corporate PR.

Davy was a beaster without peer and was renowned throughout the realm.

Proficiency in beasting is guaranteed to seduce a woman.
by LexiconDevil2 October 11, 2011
The act of a larger sized person sprawling their weight over an area, primarily in performance situations, particularly DJing. Beasting often includes using the appearance of unnecessary force to turn the knobs on the mixer. Beasting can also apply to gatherings that include leaning over tables, such as a potluck or a buffet.
"Damn, she sure was beasting over the decks at the party the other night, I swear the turntables got sweaty!"

"Kathy, quit beasting over the mashed potatoes over there! I'd like to have some too, you know.."
by modest.approach November 27, 2011
The act of a male continuously, or on a sigle occasion, targetting a female significantly younger than him for a relationship of a sexual nature.
He is totally beasting that girl!

I'm beasting on her.
by __titch May 26, 2011
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