I did really good there
"omg I got a kdr of 20/18 on cod I'm Beasting"
by lag122344 January 03, 2012
British military slang for rough treatment, often in the form of unofficial punishment or ritualistic bonding exercises for new recruits. May refer to hard training, beatings, sexual humiliation or any number of strange and unpleasant experiences.
'The new recruits were given a good beasting to lick them into shape.'

'The fat kid wasn't pulling his weight, so a bunch of us followed him into the bogs and gave him a quick beasting with a broom handle.'
by you evil twin October 15, 2006
1. Slang term for the act of sexual intercourse.

2. British military slang for hard physical work out.
1. I want to give her a right good beasting.

2. We were beasting for several hours.
by Comrade John December 31, 2007
When an individual reaches such high level of anger that he/she acts like a beast.
That bitch is beasting because she found out that someone ate her corn muffins.
by chemikal June 27, 2003
To beat the shit out of someone and not give a fuck about it.
Damn yo, you need to stop beasting son. Niggas scared of your shit and ain't gonna come back.
by Mixup May 01, 2003
Fucking shit up verbally, or physically. When someone becomes so crazy, they need a cage or some other restraining device.
by Bill April 28, 2003
To hit or generally twat something to bits, for fun, or if youre lucky as a job
You're really good at BEASTING stuff!
by Reading_School_Moto February 24, 2003

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