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Boys who are known to let the beat drop.
"Beastie Boys known to let the beat mmm... DROP!"
by ScaryyMary May 10, 2010
97 11
A hip hop band consisting of four Jews - MCA, Adrock, Mike D and Mixmaster Mike.
Mixmaster Mike is not usually credited as being part of the band as he has not been with them throughout their whole hsitroy, but he has proven to be an intergral part of the Beastie Boys in recent albums.
Their first hit, Licensed To Ill, was released in 1984 and shot them to stardom.
They are evry fond of their hometown of New York.
Some people dislike the Beastie Boys because they use elements of rock in their songs, however it should be noted that the majority of Beastie Boys tracks are hip hop.
Many other people are too young and stupid to know that the beastie Boys were around long before their album 'To The 5 Boroughs' and generally pass them off as wannabee rappers in the same vein as Eminem. These people are stupid arseholes.
Guy 1: Hey man, what you listening to?
Guy 2: Just some Beastie boys, bro
Guy 1: Beastie Boys? Those wannabee fags?
Guy 2: Suck a dick, punk!
by TweekTard November 02, 2007
117 50
A caucasian male, who is of the Jewish religion, does not act as if he is of african descent, is in no way attempting to be associated with blacks, and IS from the "hood".
1. Any member of the Beastie Boys.
by sdakofsduj July 28, 2006
61 14
Sexy Jewish boys I want to have babies with. I love their music. Who else can pull off... "See I walk, a like Jabba da hut, wit style so new y'all be like what?!" They're ultra cool because they can be funny, have good beats, good rhymes, and have a good cause at that same time.
Me: Oh my lord, the beastie boys are HAWT.
Someone stupid: Ewwww. 50 cent is all the rage these days. DAMN! I'd break off a piece of dat!
Me: *Shoots them in the face*
Me: Now you living like 50 cent, BITCH!
by funkfunk April 13, 2006
132 89
the only jews people actually like. known for their ill beats.
damn son you hear the new beastie boys beat?

hell ya dog shit was mad tight.
by j3vv August 24, 2008
72 40
the totally wiked band from NYC.
these guys are the LORD
dude: "Yo dude! The Beastie Boys are the MASTER"
dooshe: "Your mum's the MASTER"
dude: "Your Matt's the MASTER"
by BEKELE September 14, 2005
32 16
Beastie Boys is a drinking game where everybody stands in a circle, and somebody lays down a beat. The first person offers the first line of a rap, the second person continues, needing to rhyme with the last word of the first line. Here's the kicker: in Beastie Boys' style, everybody in the group has to guess what the last word of the line is going to be and also yell it out at the same time.

If you fuck up your rap, you drink. If less than half of the group guesses the word correctly, everybody drinks.

The goal is to get all the way around the circle. You start over with a new rhyme when somebody screws up.
This is an example of Beastie Boys:
"Here goes, we gonna try and RAP."
"That bitch was dancin' on my (everybody yells this) LAP"
by redsox868 December 08, 2007
28 56