3rd member of the triumvirate called the Beastie Boys
He's got the deep Brooklyn accent

see also Adam Yauch
MCA, where have you been?
by Alomar January 26, 2005
A rapper from the rap group Beastie Boys has a very deep voice and New York accent, real name is Adam Yauch, pronounced Yaw-k or Yau-k.
Look its the beastie boys, and MCA is with them because he is part of them
by finalmandalorian March 19, 2005
a standardized test in Mass that you need to pass to graduate, may be recognized with the feeling of being so bored you want to stick your #2 pencils in your nostrils and pretend to be a walrus
B:....I have the mcas tomorrow
A: Hmmmm... i see your piont
by unknown April 06, 2005
Massachusetts Child Abuse System
Came up with during MCAS
by S from MA January 12, 2009
Stands for: Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System
A standardized test that must be passed to graduate high school in Massachusetts. While the high school curriculum is tailored to the material on the exam, most questions can be answered with a basic understanding of the English language and a minimal amount of common sense. Many people (parents) protest its existence because they think their kid won't pass, but all students know that it's a great waste of a week of school. While you do get almost four hours to do it in, most people finish in the first twenty and spend the remaining time reading, sleeping, or drawing dirty pictures on their desk with a whole box of #2 pencils.
The MCAS weeds out people that aren't fit to be a part of society.
by apqoeur January 19, 2008
A standardized test imposed by Massachusetts.
Or as referred to by most K-12 students;
The MCAS tested my intelligence with questions like "What is the next number in the sequence; 1;2;3;4;?"
by Andrew August 14, 2003
Middle child abuse - discrimination against middle children.
Sparta: This is SPARTAAAAA
Middle child: No this is, MCA :'(
by VitimofMCA May 09, 2011

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