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An amazing woman who knows the way of the beard. She is a magician with scissors and clippers and shaping of the miracles known as beards. She is able to take your average scruffy beard and turn it into a glorious appendage and extension of your manhood. The original and only viable beardsmith, Wendy, is one of a kind and amazing in the art of the beard.
I used to look like a homeless scruffy nerf hearder, then I was introduced to Wendy The Beardsmith. My life has been changed forever and women actually don't run screaming from me anymore! Thanks Wendy!
by beardedbeckman December 13, 2014
Any person with the capability of growing a full (luscious) beard, who is also known for capitalizing on said capability.
Check out that bird's nest on Al's face, he sure is one hell of a beardsmith
by hoboknife March 07, 2011
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