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The beard that a man will grow after his girlfriend has broken up with him.

Used in the song Razor Burn by Lagwagon
"On the night she left me, facial hair grew miraculously, I dressed in black like Johnny Cash and grew this beard of shame."
by sean December 01, 2003
The unkempt, uncomfortable, and ugly beard a man grows in penance for having been unfaithful to his significant other, with the intention of rendering himself undesirable to any would be contenders for his affections.
A: "What the hell is that? Are you trying to partake in Movember? It looks like shit."
B: "Nah, man. It's a beard of shame.
A: "Ah, well in that case, keep it going jerk.
by Dr. Phil's Moustache December 17, 2013
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