when a girl places her clitoris on an unsuspecting, usually sleeping person.
claire passed out earl at the party so sara bean bagged her then punched her in the box.
by BB GUNNN March 14, 2011
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A Man's Scrotum.
I like it when chicks play with my bean bag.
by Jeff November 26, 2003
often referred to as the scrotum, the beanbag is the flap of skin that keeps the testies in.
when jenny was slobbing my knob, my beanbag was bouncing off her chin like a man on the moon
by deeVon January 30, 2004
An employee or co-worker that is incompetent, lazy and lethargic. Said employee or co-worker arrives late on a regular basis and creates wildly outlandish stories when arriving late. Said stories may include but not limited to the following: Spilling orange juice on one's self when driving, having to go to the bank to get money, frequent car accidents, inclement weather in adjacent cities, selling rare coin collections, and various types of illness. Said employee or co-worker additionally spends the limited time they are at work taking frequent smoke breaks, bullshiting, and eating assortments of junk food.
Tell bean bag to actually get some work done and stop annoying me with his stupid questions!
by Raymond Poison March 29, 2011
A presumably uninsured jalopy that contains a dozen or more Mexicans. Said vehicle is typically an 80s-era, USA-brand van or minivan with oxidating paint, cheap purple tinting, honeycombs of dents, gaudy chrome tire rims, and a large Virgin Mary and/or Mexican flag and/or Oakland Raiders decal(s) on the back window and Latino/Salsa radio station stickers on the rear bumper. Often seen in downscale areas of Santa Ana and decaying LA suburbs of Bell Gardens, Pico Rivera, South Gate, and Huntington Park. In general, prevalence of Bean Bags in a city indicates lack of white or Asian majority. Sometimes blaring Mexican polka/ranchera music ostensibly broadcasted from radio stations advertised on bumper stickers. Driver travels at least 20 miles per hour below the speed limit at all times. Driver and rest of adults are often obese with vacant expressions on their faces; kids in car also obese but often seen jumping up and down on seats or floor of vehicle or staring blankly at you through its back windows as you nearly get killed trying to pass it on the 5 Freeway in heavy traffic.
I was on the 5 this morning when I got stuck behind a bean bag full of fat Mexicans.
by WhooooAreYouuuu June 02, 2006
A mans balls in a speedo.
Speedos r gay mans swim suits.
by cartman5000 July 27, 2004
1. Figuratively meaning light, easy, care-free play. Derived from pillow-fight-like play with beanbags. Mostly used to indicate the opposite. i.e. "ain't beanbag" means rough, cut-throat play - especially in competition. This is used by a more mature audience.

2. Uncommonly used term for testicles and scrotum. It doesn't take a genius or urban dictionary to figure out that connection.
1. "Politics ain't beanbag. Candidates will fight dirty and mudsling just to get an edge on the next guy."

2. "My beanbag is turning blue. Please give me sweet relief, baby."
by Mr. Jud May 07, 2008
A mans testicles.
Last night I got that Nikki bird to hum on my bean bags, what a slag!
by victor audley ramitupmyshitter November 18, 2003

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