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A cold steel killin', bad ass mother fucker who will destroy anything that gets in his way.

Also: The opposite of gay.

Noun: Did you just say what I think you said? Man, the pain train is coming, and Bazinator is on it. He's gonna destroy your ass.

Verb: Did you see that guys head get tore off when he got Baz'd in the face with that 12 gauge shotty?

Adjective: That guy is "the shit", he's so fuckin' Bazinator!

Proper Noun: I'm fucking Bazinator... ;-)
by JoshR123 March 11, 2008
To be a "fag" or being "gay"
Also the act of being gay.
God my friend is such a damn bazinator..He keeps asking me to go out with him.
by Rune User August 16, 2006
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