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batin' is the noun; whereas bator' is the verb
Looking to hook up, but keep in mind no physical contact is going to happen. I'm a total bator'.
by Epifanio September 30, 2005
A term used to describe a person, edger, gooner, solosexual...someone that gets off on pleasuring themselves through masturbation/mutual masturbation and foreplay. Not necessarily circumscribing to penetration as a means of intimacy. Can be done alone or in a group (of other bators).

Can be used to describe male or female/heterosexual and homosexual.
He's not a top, nor a bottom...hes a total 'Bator'!
Shes alone in her room tonight; shes 'Bating'....

Bate ON brothers!
by wegosolo April 26, 2010