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Hanging upside down from something by the strength of your feet and ankles
Retard: "I'm going to take a pic of me planking!"

Bad ass: "Planking is for pussies, I'm batmanning"
by mrbigmclargehuge August 28, 2011
The act of opening your coat around someone trying to light a cigarette, bowl, or joint outside when it is windy to block the breeze. To block the wind from blowing out a lighter. Opening your jacket like batman to help a fellow smoker.
Person 1: "The damn wind keeps blowing out my lighter. I can't even smoke!"
Person 2: "Here man let me Batman you, just don't light me on fire"

Person 1: "The wind was so bad yesterday, we took turns Batmanning eachother to toke"
Person 2: "Batmanning? What's that?"
Person 1: "They just blocked the wind from the one with the joint so it can light"
by xSamix December 23, 2013
The act of lurking in a dark corner or shadowy area at a party or social event rather than socializing and engaging with others. Particularly revelant if the person is wearing black articles of clothing. Applies only to a single person, not a group of people.
Danielle, stop batmanning and come play beer pong.

Jim was being really weird last night. He just kept batmanning instead of being a good wingman.
by STFU_Donny June 06, 2012
suddenly and silently disappearing without a trace and with no forewarning becoming completely unreachable by any communications device or service

7:14 pm:

hi sugar

hey lil mama, what's up?

ooh you tickle me with that!

that's what's up, lil mama

what are you doing tonight?




8 am the next day

yo, lil mama what's up?

lol, nothin if you keep batmanning out on me like that!!!
by classic1979 April 27, 2009