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Not being able to turn your head without turning your upper torso, as a result from neck injuries.
I got whiplash from the car accident, and now I am suffering from Batman Syndrome!
by pooot March 09, 2009
A completely real disease where the sufferer cannot stop themselves from blurting out "Because I'm Batman!"at every arising opportunity.
"Hey guys, did you hear about Bruce? I heard he has the symptoms of Batman Syndrome."
"Yeah I saw him the other night, he's got it bad. He was on the hood of some unsuspecting woman's car wearing a cape and a mask yelling something about him being Batman."
by THE doctor... March 12, 2014
When a person has so many gadgets on his/her belt (usually his) that they look like Batman. gadget can include Blackberry, pager, cell phone, tools, keys, flashlight ...
Bob has to carry a pager for work now . With his cell phone and Leartherman on his belt he totally looks like he has the Batman syndrome.
by gregounours October 16, 2009