A hunchbacked old person. Term comes from the fact that they look like they're carrying a turkey on their back. Turkey..baster.
"Whoa, check out the hump on her back..what a baster! Hey, bastey!!"
by Jessie Fortuna October 05, 2003
Top Definition
A man whose sole motivation in love making is to baste his partner's face with man gravy.
Janet: I told him he could come inside me but insisted on shooting his wad all over my face disregarding my plea not to do so.
Branda: What a baster !
Janet: Tell me about it, I'm still partially blind from the experience !
by Sergio_MTL December 01, 2013
A person of Turkish extraction.
Even though it was an unconvincing group stage win, the streets were filled with celebrating basters.

Khazil is a nice guy, for a baster.
by Hexis July 25, 2008
A shorted version of Bastard, originally due to a spelling error due Dyslexics. only used in west end glasgow.
Willy is such a baster for calling toni a plantain face!

That baster Willy called me a plantain face?!

Actually that baster also said you had fanny features

ohhh, im gunna kill that baster!!!

oh my goodness whats this,

what a baster, there is jizzim everywhere!!
by AM DAN March 26, 2008
a hoe
i can lqand that girl she a baster
by Larry franko January 19, 2003
A girl who loves to perform the act of giving head
man that girl was a baster
by Hallie Rehmer January 19, 2003
Peeing in someone's butt.
I'll give you the coke if you give me a baster
by Doobie Bros. Fan 3475 March 07, 2004
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