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A girl with an amazing face, body and booty. Everyone looks up to her due to her personality and charisma, even though she may sound like the popular bitch at school, shes way too sweet. She's a kind of girl who starts all the parties and is the best entertainment on a saturday night. People love to hate her..

shit shit shit bassma just saw me do that..

i looove bassma's clothes, she looks soo good in them too

why the hell is she so pretty?
by marissa g August 13, 2005
Bassma is a one eyed pirate who sails the 7 chans. he wants to some day find a lassie who likes to surf the intarwebs with him but he also wants a pretty one
Yeehar Yeehar i be bassma the one eyed pirate!
by dissimulation January 08, 2009
Someone who loves games and electronics
Gets addicted easily.
Likes dark coloured clothing.
Wearing dark colours, thats so bassma.
by [x]aDORKable[x] May 24, 2009
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