Basking Ridge is a town where everyone thinks their cool! If you aren't wearing something from A&F then ur so not cool! Oh I almost forgot A&F is soo 2 years ago! Let's all go buy Juicy Stuff now! Oh and too be cool you also have to listen to emo music on your ipod. Everyone has an ipod and cell phones! And also your soooo cool if you chew gum in school, or wear backless shoes! (Thats not allowed in our school!) Were all rebels here, or as the cool kids in Basking Ridge would say, "Your a beast!" If you do that your in! Most kids are posers. Our school went from ghetto to skater in like a year. Wow!
Basking Ridge:
if your phone isn't flippin'...then you're trippin
by imsocool12345 April 19, 2006
Top Definition
A smallish disgustingly rich town in New Jersey. Defining characteristics include SUVs, loads of money, and a largely preppy lifestyle.
A good indication that you are a Basking Ridge resident is that when you crashed your mercedes on the turnpike on the way to a Dave Matthews Band concert because you were driving while high, your parents immediately bought you a new BMW.
Everybody wants to get as far away from Basking Ridge as possible for college.
by Liz December 19, 2004
A small, upper class town in Somerset County, New Jersey. About a 45 minute drive outside New York City, although most people opt for the hour long train ride (with Poland Spring bottles full of vodka, of course) to see Dave Matthews. You can tell when you enter Basking Ridge because the only cars you will pass are Mercedes, BMW's, Lexuses, Jags, Jettas and Jeeps... oh yeah, and your occasional Bernards High coke-head in a station wagon, skateboard included. The cops in Basking Ridge don't know what to do with themselves, so traditionally they will find out where a house party is, and wait for everyone to leave instead of break it up because - naturally - everyone drives home drunk, and its alot more fun to hand out DUI's. What's the harm in driving drunk when you can get from anywhere to anywhere in Basking Ridge in under 5 minutes? Real Basking Ridge residents know that the Hills is definately not part of town, but the best parties are usually there... with the exception of "the barn" where beruit, not (dear GOD) beer pong, is played almost every night. Also, if you leave your garage door open, expect to get all your beer stolen out of the standard outside fridge. The Short Hills and Bridgewater Malls are both extremely close, and everyone knows the reason why Bridgewater Mall isn't so trashy anymore is because Basking Ridge kids ran all the Immaculata and Bridgewater kids out. Everyone in Basking Ridge has played soccer at some point, and the high school team will kick everyone's ass. Everyone is high in Basking Ridge... if they didn't smoke in high school, they realized what they were missing and came home in love with weed. This creates an interesting diversity of potheads - the skaters and the preppy kids, the two main social groups. The big mystery of Basking Ridge: why on God's green earth they built a synagouge in the far end of town... there isn't anything but Christians in Basking Ridge. Basking Ridge is a bubble, and proud of it. If you're looking for diversity, go to the Bernardsville apartments. Apparently that's where all the Mexican help lives.
Overall, its a white, Christian, preppy, wealthy little New Jersey bubble, but a great place to live. Everyone appreciates what they have... definately not as snobby as Far Hills or Chatham/Mendham, so all you people that are hating... must be from Bernardsville. Didn't we buy coke off you once in the back of that shitty movie theater you work at?
Basking Ridge is a historic town in New Jersey, which could make it seem boring, but we party harder than you do...
by Your Mom April 24, 2005
Wow, to say what you've heard so far is completely insane. The people who complain about BAsking Ridge are either emos just looking for a way to hate on their own town or people who just stereo-type it. If college kids want to get out so bad its just because they don't appreciate how lucky they are to live in a wonderful town. THe town is mostly green and historical to its 17th century past. To stereo type this town as a prep or attempted ghetto would be stupid considering most of every where is like that now-a-days. THe town has some really good schools and some incredible programs. Living here is a dream and people who don't appreciate it deserve to be thrown in a desert wasteland and consider that to the "blow hole" of basking ridge.

Basking Ridge is really small and its not much of a tourist attraction, and the Hills is a huge neighborhood that seems to be the only place in town to get lost in.

To describe the kinds of kids, which all the other brats here did. It is a very cliqued society and most people have their own lunch table, club etc.

All in all Basking Ridge is like paradise in the middle of the armpit of AMerica and it feels like it belongs somewhere else. ITs convient for those guys who have a job in New York or Newark. Its an oasis
Basking Ridge is a great opertunity. All kids who where pink and green will fail in life and it sucks that our town is stereo typed by those idiots
by the person who lives October 04, 2006
preppiest (and probably richest) suburb in new jersey. where the rich-of-the-rich and the preppy-of-the-preppy live. DMB and Coldplay echo through the streets and pink-and-green is worn in generous amounts (on both genders). See preppy and WASP
"Look at those guys sporting pink and green over there. They must be from Basking Ridge"
by so_true June 08, 2005
Basking Ridge is a rich town, but not as disgustingly rich as you might have heard. It does have some (kinda)poor people. This is a very nice town with very low crime rates, and not everyone has a fancy car. The schools are some of the top in NJ and almost everyone goes to college. This (for me) is the best place on earth, and I'm probebly going to live here the rest of my life.
I obviously live in Basking Ridge
by Yathern March 15, 2007
Quite possibly the greatest place on Earth found in the greatest state in the union. Where the power tripping cops run rampid, teens smoke low-grade marajuana, soccer moms floor their suburban's full throttle, and where every kid is looking for a good handout.
Screw going to NYC for the holidays, I'm saddling up the sleddogs and going to Basking Ridge! WHO-WHO!
by cryingshame November 20, 2006
The wealthiest and whitest in New Jersey. Most of the men that live in Basking Ridge are doctors, buisness men or owners of a buisness and have huge houses. The women or "soccer moms" of Basking Ridge all drive their huge suberbans and can't parallel park for their lives. The most commenly driven cars are mercedes benz, lexus, bmw and suberbans. The teens are all posers and are emos, goths, wiggers, or aberzombies. Most of the girls and some of the boys wear A&F and Hollister everyday and think they surf and go to the beach everyday. MOST of the people that wear skate cloths in basking ridge don't skate. And my least favorite of all the fashion trends in basking ridge is the "popped collar" look. this is when guys pop their shirt collars and wear those flat hats and wear shoes a black guy in the bronx would be wearing. The only reason Basking Ridge has a good school district is because of our asian friends from the hills. At night most of the roads are pitch black with no street lights and its very dangerous. A lot of the teens that drive, drive 5 miles over the speed limit to think they are badass. a lot of the high schoolers smoke weed or drink. I live in this town and it needs much improvement
guy: i live in basking ridge and im rich, smoke weed, drive over the speed limit, think im black and i dont skate
by Our Father November 16, 2007
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