BASKING RIDGE IS FULL OF POT AND CRACK......i swear its the biggest pot town ever
you will find teachers smokin blunts after class
by urban admin April 12, 2005
A bubble, completely unaccepting (If you are looking for diversity, it's only found in small apartments over the center of Bernardsville) and competely high (Only weed, if you are looking for cocaine, relocate to Bernardsville). Gossip-filled and posh, a place where neighbors are nosey and fake. If a resident does not belong to and actively attend a religious denomination, they will be burried alive. Most residents have resided in this bubble before the Hills were erected. The Hills are not a part of Basking Ridge.
I was driving my mercedes from the Hills to Basking Ridge and when I stopped to hit a blunt, my Pastor saw me.
by L February 07, 2005
the best place on earth to live oh wait thats anywhere but basking ridge.Basking ridge defined hmmm thats hard but i'll do it in 2 words IT BLOWS
Basking ridge blows really bad.
by g February 13, 2005
a middle-class town filled with wannabes who wish they lived in bernardsville or mendham. not many wealthy people, only people who think they are. the school system is horrendous and the people are uglier than most people from NJ, which is saying something.
Basking Ridge is your typical suburb filled with ugly people.
#wannabes #middle-class #ridge #horrendous #ugly
by qnny December 23, 2005
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