A way to describe a basic white girl.
SOmeone who drinks starbucks everyday
Wears northfaces
Has a lot of white friends
Only talks to other white people
Gets half their money from their parents
1. Omar Okla is so basic, he is always drinking Starbucks
2. Did you see Selena Gomez yesterday, she was totally pretending to be drunk.
by SwagKiller254 December 31, 2013
Short for "basically" in the context that you are agreeing with someone that they are pretty much right
Terry: So, long story short you like both Lucy and Diana?

Harry: Basics
by Peddy95 May 03, 2014
Means they are so werthless. Many people confuse then for peasants and feed them change thinking they pewr.
Ben is basic as phuck.
by Itchybutthole October 26, 2014
These are the type of guys who do the same routine throughout their life and never change. These are also the guys who happen to fall in love with their best friends side chick or former side chick. These are the ones who try to turn a Hoe into a Housewife without playing scrabble.
Bryant: Hey Kenneth, why did you leave the party last night?

Kenneth: I left with the girl that live on the 3rd floor.

Me: You know she got smashed by 4 people in the same night.

Kenneth: Yea but she's nice. I think she's the one.

Bryant: Why you gotta be such a Basic Nigga?
by Black redneck22 July 24, 2014
Often describe as someone who sucks at life and thinks they're cool. Joey is a perf definition for this. He loves uggs, starbucks, and north faces. So hit him up ladies and gentlemen
Joey is a perf definition of basic. He loves uggs, starbucks, and north faces. So hit him up ladies and gentlemen
by xxiv. January 05, 2014
What a basic bish, her name is probs jami
by JamiIsBasic January 05, 2014
those lower class people with no ambition content with status quo of their 9-5 life
lil wayne :y'all basic like squares on a grid
by reykes April 09, 2013

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