Noun referring to "basic bitches." Basic's are the typical girl that thinks they are cool because they're artsy, can make a duck face, carry around coffee cups, and where designer brands. You'll know a basic when you see one.
1: "dude checkout those girls, they're all wearing the same designer outit and they're walking around with empty coffee cups and taking selfie.

2: yeah they're basic's

1: werd.
by BasicsTheseDays September 04, 2013
Someone who is boring, bland or uninteresting.
Bailey: Will your so basic, like omg.
Will: No your the basic one.
Bailey: Omg i know.
by ShaniquaRamone September 10, 2013
Often used to describe someone daft and simple. Can also be used to allude to sexual incompetence. As well, somebody who is not discerning when it comes to choosing sexual partners.
'You didn't understand any of that? You're basic!'

'What do you mean he didn't make you cum? He's basic!'

'Don't date THAT dude, he's basic!'
by Charina August 28, 2005
only interested in things mainstream, popular, and trending
Omg BAE is so basic. all she wants to do is drink pumpkin spice lattes and play candy crush.
by itsmeeeeeyo January 03, 2015
Word denoting an obvious truth or agreement.
Person 1 (snow currently falling) : I think it's snowing
Person 2: well, basics!

Person 1: I hear you need a ride, want to hop in with me?
Person 2: Basically, basics!
by Mike Kim June 07, 2006
1. Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code: A line-oriented, limited programming language invented in the 1960s for the purpose of teaching university students to program computers.

Each line of BASIC code must be preceded by a number, which serves as a label for the GOTO statement.

The type of a BASIC variable is determined by a suffix. For example, A$ is a string, while A% is an integer.

2. Any programming language that borrows a few things from BASIC, even if it is also heavily influenced by other programming languages, such as Pascal. Includes QBASIC, FreeBASIC, PureBASIC, Visual Basic, and DarkBASIC, and other similar programming languages. These BASICs frequently add support for functions and user-defined types, and they also frequently don't allow user-defined types or arrays to be passed as arguments to functions.

Such languages are typically surrounded by communities that eschew the sort of structured programming that is mandatory in the majority of other programming languages. As such, parallel arrays are preferred over user-defined types, GOSUB statements are preferred over functions, single-line IF statements in conjunction with GOTO are popular even in BASICs that support block IF statements, and GOTO is often used when a loop statement would suffice and be more readable. Even when control structures are used, it is rare to see any sort of indentation of the code that goes within a construct. A notable exception to this tendency is the Visual Basic community.

A similar programming language is INTERCAL.
REM A typical BASIC program, in a typical sense-2 dialect of BASIC
GOSUB CheckName
IF NameOK% = 1 THEN GOTO Good
PRINT "Are you sure you're not somebody else?"
REM We don't need no stinkin' indentation!
FOR N = 1 TO 7
GOTO Terminus
IF A$ = "Osama bin Laden" THEN RETURN
NameOK% = 1
DATA 77,65,76,65,82,73,65
by A name not currently in use! January 31, 2009
(n) A word to describe anyone who is not up to your group's standards in any category. Everything they do is just sub-standard quality and falls short to the quality level of your group.


Jackie - "Are these girls dancing or having seizures?"

Natalie - "Basics everywhere"


Natalie - "Wow, that bitch is extremely rude and snobby"

Jackie - "Basic bitch honey. Basic bitch."
by nonbasic August 12, 2013

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